Lunch and Learn

lunch and learn

We offer a selection of training/learning opportunities: in-house or on-location. We offer courses on the following products and product lines.

  • Brookfield Engineering Viscometers/Rheometers
  • HunterLab Colorimeters
  • Hach Flowmeters
  • Highland Tank Oil/Water Separators

These courses are more condensed than a seminar would be, given over the course of an hour instead of a full or half day.

To get more information, please visit our Information Request Page, or contact us directly at 1-800-215-4469.


As an exclusive manufacturer’s representative, Can-Am has a full service facility to support our products in Canada.

Our service technicians are factory trained to offer the best possible service to our customers. In addition to a full service facility, we offer calibration of equipment, sample testing, web hosting for flow monitoring, in-house and on-site service, installation and set-up assistance.

For more information on our Laboratory/Process Instrumentation services, please visit here.

For more information on our Environmental Products services, please visit here.


Interested in our viscosity seminars, but couldn’t make it to the locations last year? Or perhaps you have an instrument and would like a more in-depth training on it? Or maybe you have been looking into purchasing, and aren’t sure if it will be the right fit for your specific needs?

We can arrange a seminar or training session at your convenience.

We are able to provide training/seminars on all of our products, including but not limited to:

  • Brookfield Process/Laboratory Instrumentation
  • Hach Environmental Instrumentation
  • HunterLab Colour Measurement Instrumentation

Please contact us directly at 1-800-215-4469 for more information, or fill out our Information Request form online!