Full-Day Practical Course

Presented by Can-Am Instruments
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The course will include instruction in the proper use and care of Brookfield Laboratory Viscometers, Rheometers, and related accessories.

Topics covered: 

  • Rheology and Viscosity – Definitions 
  • Definition of Viscosity Terms
  • Why Fluids Change their Flow Behavior and Why You Need to Understand It
  • Flow and Viscosity Curves; Yield Stress
  • Brookfield Viscometers – Principles of Operation
  • Viscometer Selection Considerations
  • Latest Available Instruments and Accessories
  • How to Perform a Calibration Check on your Viscometer
  • Brookfield Methodology: Sample Preparation, Taking Readings
  • Data Interpretation: What All the Viscosity Data Really Means
  • Viscometer Care and Maintenance
  • Open Forum for Questions Specific to your Application
  • Product Measurement, if requested



  • Q.C. Managers/Supervisors
  • R&D Managers/Supervisors
  • Operators/Technicians
  • Engineers/Scientists
  • Production Managers
  • Process/Plant Operators


LOCATION  Your own facilities OR Can-Am Instruments

CLASS SIZE  Recommended up to 10 people


PRICE  CDN $1,500 per company (travel costs extra)






Full Day Practical Course for Brookfield Viscometer Operators

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