RST Series

Controlled Stress/Controlled Shear Rate         


RST Controlled Shear Stress/Shear Rate Rheometer.

Available in three versions: RST-CPS (Cone and Plate), RST-CC (Concentrical Cylinder) and RST-SST (Soft Solids Tester).

Rheological evaluation through controlled stress measurement offers superior viscosity profiling, thixotropic response, yield stress determination and Creep Analysis. The Brookfield RSTRheometer offers both controlled rate and controlled stress measurement. Available with cone/plate, plate/plate, coaxial cylinder measurement geometry, and vane spindles, the RST Rheometer offers powerful flow characterization tools including ramp, loop, and single point testing. A wide range of shear rate, shear stress, and torque provide flexible flow analysis including creep and yield measurement. The RST Rheometer is designed to accommodate the high throughput required of quality control laboratories. It also offers the sophisticated flexibility required of research environments. The RST Rheometer provides cost effective, worry free operation for a variety of laboratory applications. For computer control, the Rheo 2000 software is available (not included with the instrument). Note: Rheo 3000 has been released!

  • Controlled shear stress/shear rate operation makes it easy to study material behaviour from initial yield to flow curve response (1 to 6000 sec-1)
  • Rugged design means years of trouble-free operation
  • Rapid spindle attachment: easy to clean; saves time
  • User friendly keypad for simple stand-alone operation
  • PC interface for user defined remote control operation. One mouse click will initiate a single or multi-step test.
  • More for your money – comparable to instruments costing much more
  • Available in coaxial cylinder, vane spindle, cone-plate or plate-plate geometry to suit most any application
  • Variety of sample temperature control options: circulating temperature bath, Peltier plate or electronic heating

* Available for rental