LDO Dissolved Oxygen Probe

Accurate process monitoring of dissolved oxygen in water for precise aeration control

Hach’s next generation DO Probe, the LDO Model 2 (Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen), accurately measures dissolved oxygen levels in water by utilizing luminescent dissolved oxygen technology within the O2 sensor (oxygen sensor) cap ensuring high levels of accuracy. The Hach LDO probe requires no calibration and can be used right out of the box. Using this DO probe to monitor dissolved oxygen levels in your water applications saves time and money through minimum maintenance (no electrolyte solution) and overall reduction in aeration blower energy usage.

An improved body design optimizes the probe’s temperature sensor to provide an even faster response time to process variability as well. The probe comes with a three year warranty, and the sensor cap has a two year warranty.

  • No Calibration Required
  • No Membranes to Replace
  • No Missed Cleaning Cycles
  • No Drift
  • No Complications