Small Sample Adapter

The Small Sample Adapter (SSA), consisting of a cylindrical sample chamber and spindle, provides a defined geometry system for accurate viscosity measurements of small sample volumes in the order of 2 to 16 mL at precise shear rates. The Small Sample Adapter’s rheologically correct cylindrical geometry provides extremely accurate viscosity measurements and shear rate determinations.

The sample chamber fits into a flow jacket so that precise temperature control can be achieved when a Brookfield circulating temperature bath is used. Direct readout of sample temperature is provided using sample chambers with embedded RTD temperature sensors connected to the DV-I Prime (w/temperature option), DV-II+ PRO, or the DV-III Ultra. Working temperature range for the SSA is from -15°C to 100°C.

  • For rheological evaluation of materials where sample volume is limited
  • Sample chamber easily changed
  • Optional disposable chamber also available
  • Water jacket allows rapid and precise temperature control of sample
  • Simultaneous sample temperature measurement is possible by ordering embedded temperature probe in sample chamber

Disposable chambers were designed for hard-to-clean materials and save clean-up time. Kit comes complete with 100 chambers and special size water jacket, Part No. SSA-DCU, and is available only for 13R Chamber. Additional chambers available in quantities of 100, Part No. SC4-13RD-100.

* Available for rental