HOD UV Water Treatment

Since 2003, Atlantium Technologies has helped to ensure water safety with their innovative Hydro-Optic™ (HOD) UV solution. Where conventional UV has not been effective, Atlantium has worked alongside numerous tier-one companies across the aquaculture, ballast, beverage, biopharma, food, general industry, hydro, municipal, and power markets because of the unique operational advantages of the HOD UV technology. The system’s innovative approach to control, monitoring and performance has lead the HOD UV technology to support the biosecurity needs of more than 3,000 full-scale installations globally.


Ensuring microbiologically safe water that safeguards land-based aquaculture facilities from threats to fish production in both make-up and RAS applications. HOD UV treats fresh and sea water intakes and provides protection against a wide variety of microorganisms, including some of the toughest pathogens and viruses, such as IPN, Pox-virus, Moritella and Tenacibaculum. With HOD UV water treatment, facilities can reach production stability and establish a controlled growth environment with a proven and highly efficient approach to ensure water biosecurity and protect against microorganisms.
APPLICATIONS: Effluent water treatment, intake water treatment, recirculation, well-boats

Ballast Water
The Purestream™ ballast water management system (BWMS) is a proven and effective alternative to chemical-based treatment technologies for the treatment of regulated organisms. Purestream™ proprietary UV BWMS uses filtration in combination with Atlantium’s proven medium pressure ultraviolet (UV) technology to achieve unparalleled results. The Purestream system is validated to operate at minimum retention times (≤ 24-hours) flow under difficult water conditions with UV transmittance as low as 40% UVT.
• Real-time dose monitoring and advanced control system enables treatment of maximum flow at lowest UVT levels
• Suitable for treatment on all water types and temperatures,  no salinity or heating requirements
• One pass treatment (IMO)
• No hazardous chemical handling or byproducts

​Pharmaceutical facilities looking for a highly efficient non-chemical solution to prevent bacterial growth and associated biofouling can rely on the proven performance of the HOD UV technology for disinfection and dechlorination.
APPLICATIONS: biofouling protection, dechlorination, ozone destruction, purified water (PW) loop disinfection; RO protection, water for injection (WFI) loop disinfection

Food & Beverage
​Achieve process control and water safety without the use of chemicals with HOD UV which does not impart a residual taste or odor to affect product flavor. Replacing chlorine with HOD UV minimizes the reliance on chemical disinfectants and their associated risks. Validated to regulatory standards for EPA and FDA with accredited validation for 4-log virus and 5-log microbial inactivation, HOD UV provides effective disinfection and biofouling control through automated operation and compliance reporting.
BENEFITS: save money, reduce energy costs, use fewer chemicals, guarantee water biosecurity, ensure regulatory compliance

General Industry
​Providing facilities with an energy efficient disinfection solution for hot water system and non-chemical control of pathogenic organisms such a Legionella. It eliminates the potential of corrosion and disinfection byproducts formation associated with chemical disinfection while also positively effecting heat exchanger performance.

​A proven biofouling control solution for invasive mussels in hydroelectric facilities with the ability to achieve 100% inactivation even under conditions with less than 50% UVT. Control invasive mussels that clog cooling water pipping and fire control systems and protect turbines and heat exchangers from mussel fouling with the HOD UV technology.

​Water treatment plants can achieve water biosecurity without the use of chemicals with the HOD UV technology that is validated to regulatory standards for EPA with accredited validation for 4-log virus and 5-log microbial inactivation. HOD UV provides effective disinfection and biofouling control, automated operation and compliance reporting is available to support facilities.
APPLICATIONS: AOP, drinking water treatment, reuse water treatment, wastewater treatment

​Protect boiler feed make-up water from bacterial growth and associated biofouling; extend micron filter and RO membrane life; improve heat exchanger performance; and improve permeate quality and quantity with HOD UV for non-chemical disinfection and dechlorination.



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