US9000 Ultrasonic Sensors

The Hach US9001 Down-Looking and Hach US9003 In-Pipe Ultrasonic Sensors bring independent level measuring capabilities to the Hach FL900 and FL1500 Series Flow Loggers. These state-of-the-art ultrasonic sensors are excellent non-contact flow monitoring solutions to use for both level measurement and alarming or as redundant level measurement with an area/velocity sensor. They are also ideal when used in combination with a flume or weir.

Hach US9001 Down-Looking Ultrasonic Sensor
Mounted perpendicular to the flow surface, the Hach US9001 Down-Looking Ultrasonic Sensor provides non-contact level measurement and is often used with a hydraulic structure to determine flow, including weirs, flumes and configurable level-area and head-flow tables.

Hach US9001B Ultrasonic Sensor with Ballast
The US9001B resourcefully takes the Down-Looking Ultrasonic Sensor and adds cable-straightening ballast to create a highly reliable SSO and CSO alarming solution when paired with a wireless Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger in our Wireless Level Alarming System. With highly accessible top-side mounting options that don’t require confined space entry, installation and maintenance is quick and simple, making this an extremely economical approach. So now you can capture data from more sites in your network without crushing your budget.

Hach US9003 In-Pipe Ultrasonic Sensor
The Hach US9003 In-Pipe Ultrasonic Sensor is configured to eliminate inherent ultrasonic deadband and provide accurate measurements in near-full pipe conditions. This intelligent approach places the transducer parallel to the flow surface within an engineered enclosure that contains a 45° reflector. As a result, you can effectively collect flow level data in tight open-channel scenarios while greatly reducing this non-contact sensor’s chances of fouling. And when combined with a Hach Submerged AV Sensor and Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger you have a highly effective Redundant-Level Monitoring System.


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