Floating Oil Spill Alarm

Monitors the surface of water in sumps, tanks and lagoons to alert when oil has separated to the water surface.


The 2852-HCF provides reliable monitoring of sumps and containments for oil spills. The 2852-HCF uses a hydrocarbon float sensor for separated oil-on-water applications. This floating sensor monitors the surface of water in sumps, tanks, and lagoons to alert when oil has separated to the water surface. This is typically used to alert of spills or control pumps.

The 2852-HCF sensor monitors the surface dielectric and locks in on the capacitance of the water. Oil that separates to the surface changes the capacitance field and activates the relay alarms.

The 2852-HCF is typically used in sumps or containments where oil is not typically present. Normal sheens will not alarm but an upstream leak or spill that accumulates in the sump will alarm the monitor. The floating design allows the unit to track the changing water level in the sump and immediately alert operators, pumps or valves if there is an accumulation of oils.


  • Table tri-float design follows level changes
  • Adjustable time delay and sensitivity to eliminate nuisance alarms
  • Remote electronics via standard twisted pair
  • Sensor available Intrinsically Safe for Hazardous Locations
  • Waterproof PVC and SS wetted parts allow for use in harsh environments
  • Unit also alarms on dry sump conditions to shut down pumps
  • Capacitance technology responds to all types of oils and separated liquids of similar dielectrics
  • Alarms at a minimum of 2 mm surface oil, can be desensitized to 25mm oil
  • Floating sensor follows changing water levels
  • Alarms on petroleum, synthetic, and vegetable oils
  • Potted stable sensor eliminates nuisance alarms


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