FH950 Portable Velocity Meter

The perfect handheld solution for wastewater and environmental flow monitoring. The lightweight, battery-powered FH950 Velocity Flow Meter was designed to provide accurate velocity measurements while simplifying the entire measurement process in rugged field environments. Multiple user-friendly features designed into the FH950 allow you to quickly and easily determine stream velocities for required discharge measurements, or use the FH950 to quickly calibrate area velocity flow meters, or verify primary devices such as weirs and flumes.

Knowledge gained through years of in-the-field flow measurement experience has come together in the Hach FH950 Handheld Flow Velocity Meter. Designed for use in both environmental and sewer/wastewater flow measurement scenarios — whether you’re profiling water current in streams and rivers, providing redundant verification of wastewater flow data, or selecting an optimal site for metering — even the smallest hassles have been addressed. From the field to the office, the Hach FH950 Handheld Flow Meter increases your efficiency at every turn.

  • Reduce manhours 50%
  • Automatically calculates total discharge based on USGS and ISO methods
  • Real-time velocity graphed on color display
  • Lowest maintenance solution on the market
  • Lightweight, rugged portable meter


  • Power Source: Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Data Transmission: USB
  • Compatible Software: Stored data files are in .tsv (tab separated value) format that can be viewed by most spreadsheet applications

Additional Features:

  • All data is stored automatically in the meter, eliminating the need for a second individual to perform time-consuming and error-prone manual logging
  • Intelligent electromagnetic sensor, with no moving parts, requires no mechanical maintenance
  • Sensor takes reliable measurements even at low velocities and in both clean and dirty water
  • Automatically executes necessary calculations according to ISO and USGS standards
  • Allows easy data transfer to any PC for further processing and analysis
  • Data Storage for up to 10 profiles and 32 stations per profile
  • Truly portable hand-held (only 1.5lbs)  – Tough enough to withstand rugged field use and light and compact enough to be held in one hand
  • Full-colour display provides excellent readability even in direct sunlight
  • Completely water-resistant and the keypad is designed for use while wearing gloves
  • Optional pressure transducer provides accurate depth measurements used to instantly calculate flow rate. It can also be used to provide sensor height positioning when performing complex profiling methods.
  • Wading rods–Standard or Top-Setting and in English or Metric units



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