Brookfield Instrument Calibration

Can-Am Instruments is the exclusive dealer for sales and service in the territory of Canada for laboratory equipment sold by AMETEK/Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Standard pressure transmitter of portable calibrator

Our Calibration Services

Our calibration services include:

  • A general inspection and evaluation before service
  • Cleaning, calibration and certification including replacement of parts of the sensing system if applicable
  • The Certificate of calibration will state the readings Before and After calibration
  • Any accessories that accompany the instrument will be inspected (ex. Spindles for straightness)

Should the instrument require extra service you would be notified prior to the completion of the work.

The turnaround time for service is typically around 10 working days plus shipping time. This may vary depending on the workload. Please check with us first if you require quicker turnaround.

When shipping out the instrument, please package the unit in the carrying case the unit was supplied with when purchased. This is very important as the case is designed to fully protect the unit during shipping.

The calibration lab is located in Oakville, Ontario and is the only certified lab that performs such calibrations in Canada.
Please ship the unit to:

Can-Am Instruments
2851 Brighton Road
Oakville, Ontario L6H 6C9

Please download and include the following Service/Calibration Request Form with the shipment.

Calibrating equipment in a laboratory

Additional Information

If needed, a 48-hr RUSH service is available for an extra $195.00. A service date must be booked in advance with our service technician, call or email to reserve a date.

Loaner units for the DV viscometer/rheometer series could be provided for a $425.00 one-time charge until your repair/calibration is complete – please contact us for availability.

Calibration Fees

$695.00Standard Calibration for an analog or digital viscometer/rheometer in the DV series (ex. RVT, DV1M, DV2T, DVNext, etc.), or a rheometer in the RS series (ex. RS Plus or RST)
$530.00Standard Calibration for a CAP series cone and plate (ex. CAP2000+L, CAP1000+, etc.)
$500.00Standard Calibration for a KU viscometer (ex. KU-2, KU-3)
$485.00Standard Calibration for a Thermosel/Controller system
$550.00Standard calibration for a Texture Analyzer (ex. CT3)
$940.00Standard Calibration for a PFT (Powder Flow Tester)
$365.00Standard Calibration for VTA process Viscometer

Can-Am Instruments can also perform on-site calibration/repair service calls at the costs above, plus travel time and costs.