Viscosity of Motor Oil

Motor Oil

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Motor Oil is used as a lubricant in internal combustion engines.Test Equipment
Instrument: Viscometer or Rheometer
Torque Range: RV
Spindle: YULA-15E
Accessories: Enhanced UL Adapter, TC-550SD Programmable Refrigerated Bath
Speed: 10, 20 and 30 RPM
(10W-40 motor oil);
5, 10 and 15 RPM
(20W-50 motor oil)Test Method 
The Enhanced UL Adapter may be used with various Brookfield Viscometers or Rheometers. In our example, we used a Brookfield RVDV3T with RheocalcT software for automated instrument control and data acquisition. Our test temperature of 25°C was maintained by direct immersion of the Enhanced UL Adapter sample chamber into a TC-550SD Programmable Refrigerated Bath. Representative data from the analyses are shown in Figure 1.The Figure 1 graph shows relatively constant viscosity for both motor oils at 25°C over the speed ranges tested. The 10W-40 motor oil viscosity (Red Data) was 179 cP while the 20W-50 motor oil viscosity (Black Data) was approximately 337 cP.

Motor Oil Figure 1
Figure 1: Motor Oils at 25°C