Educational Course 6

Presented by Can-Am Instruments
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This is a 1.5 hr course held online using the Zoom or Microsoft Teams video platform. Topics covered:

  • Shear rate and Shear stress definitions
  • Brief introduction to fluid’s behaviours: Newtonian and Non-Newtonian
  • Brookfield’s rotational principle of operation and instrument accuracy
  • Factors that affect viscosity
  • Accessories: why we need them
  • When and How to use each accessory


The 1.5 hour course includes an approximately one hour long interactive presentation, followed by a Q/A period. Training materials and props will be used. The session will be fine-tuned to cover your particular needs.


LOCATION  Virtual using Zoom or Microsoft Teams video platform


PRICE  CDN $160.00 per attendee. Please contact us for company group pricing.





When and How to Use Accessories: SSA, Helipath, ULA, Thermosel

    Please indicate your desired presentation date and we will try our best to accommodate. You will be contacted to setup a time.
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