Whether the application is an airport, railyard, truck fleet, or public transit authority, Highland Tank offers solutions for fuel storage, fuel dispensing, and water processing. In addition, the highly-engineered oil/water separators meet compliance with stringent regulations.

Products for transportation sites:
– Fireguard® Insulated Steel Storage Tanks for safe storage of flammable or combustible liquids
– HighGuard Underground Storage Tanks are compatible with all fuels
– TITAN® with Integrated Sumps for gas stations and convenience stores
– UL-142 Tanks – Horizontal – Vertical are ideal for a wide range of fuels, chemicals, or other liquids
– Oil/Water Separators for airports, rail yards, vehicle fleets, garages, and maintenance shops
– Oil/Sand Interceptors engineered for vehicle maintenance operations
– Propane Autogas for clean-burning alternative vehicle fuel
– Fuel Pump Packages offer a wide range of turnkey fuel dispensing systems