Environmental Products


Can-Am offers quick and reliable repair service – we have a full service facility at our Oakville, Ontario location with trained technicians.

Repair of your equipment

To help minimize your cost and maximize your uptime, we recommend you send us your equipment to our service facility. This will ensure that your instrument is fully checked on our test equipment and should you need parts replaced, we likely would have them in stock for immediate turn- around. Please contact us prior to sending an instrument in for repair.

Service Request Form

If you prefer our technicians to come to your site location, this is an option. Please contact us for pricing of this service.

Calibration and Cleaning

If you are in need of calibration and cleaning, Can-Am offers a preventative maintenance program or calibrations performed at our Can-Am repair centre.

Data Hosting

Can-Am has a secure option for collecting and hosting your data, as you collect it remotely in the field. Both Hach and Telog offer on-line access to their own Data delivery service. This is a fast, low cost method to receive your data quickly.

Hach Hosting Service

On-Site Monitoring Services

Can-Am provides a wide range of water quality monitoring services, particularly flow monitoring and wastewater sampling services. Can-Am can truly provide a solution for your water quality monitoring, flow monitoring and wastewater sampling projects. We have a full inventory of flowmeters and samplers for rent, if you wish assistance with installation of the equipment, we would be pleased to assist. Should you wish us to manage the project, we can provide a total solution. Our flow meters all work off web base hosting, allowing you immediate access to your data. We strive to help our customers assess their environmental risks and to help them develop an effective monitoring program.

Training and Start-up

Can-Am offers training programs for all the products we sell. Whether it is a short course on the operation of the instrumentation or a full course on a range of topics related to your application, Can-Am can be of assistance. We can offer classroom style courses at our facility or we can set-up on-site courses at your own facility.