Can-Am has a fleet of the Hach Model ASP portable samplers for rent. We can custom set the sampler to meet your sampling collection requirements. The sampler is offered in composite or discrete bottle configuration. Note: we do not rent the bottles or tubing – these are purchase only due to contamination.

The following are typical configurations for the sampler, plus additional accessories and purchase items. Call our Rental department directly at  1-800-215-4469 for set-up recommendation and pricing.


c/w: (2) Battery P/N 8975400, AC Power Supply

P/N 8754500US, Base  P/N 8975/76, Strainer P/N 926

, Full Bottle Shut-Off P/N 8996

Battery Charger P/N 8953500US

c/w: (2) Battery P/N 8975400, AC Power Supply

P/N 8754500US, Base P/N 8975/76, Strainer P/N 926

, Distributor P/N 8580/82, P/N 1422 Retainer,

P/N 8753500US Battery Charger

P/N 1414 OR 8975400SD Battery

P/N 913 or 8953500US Charger

P/N 4455100 or 8754500US 120 VAC  Power Supply

P/N 926, 2070, 2071 Intake Strainer

Mounting Bracket, P/N 1751-A & P/N 1355 Harness

Base, P/N 8975 Compact, 8976 Standard

Distributor Assembly

P/N 1369 24X575mL Polyethylene Bottles

P/N 737 24X1L Polyethylene Bottles

P/N 1918 3Gal Polyethylene Bottle

P/N 6559 2.5L Glass Bottle

P/N 732 24x350mL Glass Bottles

P/N 001 Vinyl Intake Tubing

P/N 002 Teflon Intake Tubing

P/N 003 Silicone Pump Tubing


* Available for rental