Hydrolab HL4 Multiparameter Sonde

New Hydrolab Platform: Reliability, Ease-of-use, Metadata

The Hydrolab HL4 is the next generation multiparameter water quality sonde from OTT Hydromet. Know the instrument is working correctly and troubleshoot quickly. Streamline calibration tasks and produce valid, scientifically defensible conclusions.

Use with the Hydrolab Surveyor HL for attended monitoring, or for unattended continuous monitoring applications, the HL4 has on-board data logging and dedicated communications modules for easy integration with external loggers and telemetry.

Product type: Attended, Unattended
Parameters measured: Temperature, Conductivity, Depth, pH, Dissolved Oxygen (LDO), Turbidity, ORP, Clorophyll a, Blue-green algae, Rhodamine
Product highlights: The next generation multiparameter water quality instrument
Interface: SDI-12, RS-485, RS-232, TTY, USB

* Available for rental