Model AS950 All Weather Sampler

The AS950 AWRS is a robust, weather resistant sampler with an integrated refrigerator for applications where temperature control is required for sample preservation. Every AS950 is equipped with a peristaltic pump with spring-mounted rollers and a standard liquid detect sensor for best-in-class sample volume accuracy. Additionally, the USB connection and an auxiliary port for pulse or 4-20 inputs are standard. Factory-installed options include sensor ports for integrated Hach water quality, level or flow, a port for MODBUS RS485 communication or a rain sensor and an alternate non-contact liquid detect sensor. Finally, inputs and outputs can be extended using the IO9001 for a single high-voltage relay or the IO9004 for a comprehensive set of analog and digital outputs and relays. The AS950 is fully configurable with any of these options, and several of the most popular combinations are pre-configured in the part numbers shown below.

Hach’s AWRS cabinet is designed to withstand harsh environments, while maintaining sample integrity. The cabinet itself features:

  • An energy efficient top-mounted compressor that allows heat to escape into the air, rather than into the sampler cabinet
  • IP24 rated enclosure that keeps out water and debris
  • Optional battery backup and controller compartment heater