Telog RU-33 Recording Telemetry Unit

Telog’s Ru-33 Recording Telemetry Unit, (RTU), provides real-time monitoring and alarming of instruments and sensors found in the harsh environment of sewers and underground water vaults.

The Ru-33 has low power requirements and automatically monitors level, flow, pressure and water quality sensors. Data is forwarded wirelessly to a host computer operating Telog host application software, Telogers for Windows or Telog Enterprise. Data communication may be scheduled frequently (e.g. daily, hourly, every five minutes, etc.) and/or immediately in response to site alarm conditions.

The Ru-33 supports multiple sensor interface options including RS-232, RS-485, analog and digital inputs. For example, when connected to an open-channel flowmeter via RS-232, the RTU can interrogate the meter for its most recent level, flow velocity and battery voltage measurements.

Telog also provides optional sensors that may be directly attached to the Ru-33 including ultrasonic and pressure level, water quality Sondes, temperature, level switches and a rain gauge.

Wireless communication is supported via packet switched (e.g. 1xRTT) or circuit switched (e.g. CDMA) cellular. An optional burial antenna may be embedded in the street pavement producing a complete underground wireless monitoring solution.

The RTU is powered from a single, 6-volt lantern battery providing an operating life of six months to two years depending on sensor interface and call schedule.

* Available for rental