Telog RU-35 Recording Telemetry Unit

The Telog Ru-35 provides real-time monitoring and alarming of flow, pressure and water quality instruments and sensors found in the harsh environments of sewers and underground water vaults. When you combine the Telog Ru-35 RTU with a Trimble Telog software option, you have a powerful system of wireless wastewater infrastructure monitoring that is consistently delivering real-time data and alarms from the field, straight to your desktop or browser. This provides situational awareness of the performance of the collection system, improves regulatory compliance and enables network modeling calibration.

Sensor Support
The Ru-35 supports multiple sensor interface options including RS-232, RS-485, analog and digital inputs. For example, when connected to an open-channel flowmeter via RS-232, the RTU can interrogate the meter for its most recent level, flow velocity and battery voltage measurements. Telog also provides optional sensors that may be directly attached to the Ru-35 including ultrasonic and pressure level, water quality sondes, temperature, level switches and a rain gauge.

Wireless Communication
Using cellular technology enables unmanned monitoring of remote sites as well as instant updates and alarm notifications. The Ru-35 uses a low power, LTE Cat M1 cellular communication modem certified on multiple cellular systems. This ensures maximum coverage, reliability of service and alignment with cellular carriers technology roadmaps. Additional communication options are also available on request.

* Available for rental