FL1500 Open Channel Stationary Logger

Only the FL1500 Flow Monitor allows you to utilize the revolutionary non-contact FLO-DAR AV Sensor in permanent sewer flow monitoring locations. And when it comes to consistently delivering accurate flow data, the FLO-DAR leads all other sensors by staying out of the flow and avoiding fouling. So if you have a permanent site and want to use FLO-DAR, the FL1500 is the way to go.

The FL1500, when combined with the non-contact FLO-DAR sensor and/or FLO-TOTE 3 AV Sensor or Depth pressure with doppler Sub AV, is a highly convenient solution. With RS485, Modbus commication, the FL1500 allows you to easily transfer real-time flow data to SCADA and other data collection systems, control systems and display devices. Plus, the digital display lets you see flow, velocity, level, and totalized flow while right onsite. So whether you need accurate flow measurements for wastewater treatment plant balancing, billing requirements, EPA permitting requirements, inflow/infiltration studies, combined sewer overflow monitoring, process control, sampling pacing, or modeling/sewer system evaluations, the  FL1500 delivers what you need.

Compatible with all of Hach’s flow sensor technologies, it collects reliable flow data from even the most challenging of sites and hydraulic conditions.

Replaces the FLO-STATION Flow Monitor, Sigma 950, Sigma 970 and Sigma 980

Flow sensor technologies include:

  • Non-contact radar
  • Electromagnetic
  • Depth pressure
  • Doppler, ultrasonic
  • Bubble level



Power Source: AC Mains or 12V DC

Data Transmission: RS232, modbus

Compatible Software: FLdata



Non-contact radar, Flo-Dar

Electromagnetic,  Flo-Tote *

Depth pressure with Doppler Sub AV

Ultra sonic, and

NEW Bubble level

Basic: 2 sensors, 1 analog input, 2 analog output, IO9004 port
Advanced: 4 sensors, rain, RS485, 1 analog input, 3 analog outputs, IO9004 port, 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, mechanical totalizer port

The easy-to-use color screen simplifies setup and reduces programming errors. Use FSDATA Desktop Data Management Software to take control of your data, program the flow meter, upload and download data, and easily create reports


* Available for rental