Fiberglass Parshall Flumes

Since 1922, the Parshall Flume has been the most widely used type of flume for fixed flow monitoring installations. A special shaped open channel flow section can be installed in a ditch or canal to measure the flow rate.

Parshall Flumes are sized by throat width, and conform to standardized dimensions published in the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation.

Rather than try to make the flow application fit a particular type of flume, we carefully analyze the parameters so we can select an appropriate flume for the application. Options and modifications are available to ensure that the customer’s requirements are fully met, and that additional instruments are easily interfaced with the flumes.

Typical Options
Parshall Flumes
Staff Gauge (Available in various widths and markings including flow data)
Stilling Well (Integral or remote, 6, 8”, 10”,or 12” ID, with or without plug)
Bubbler Tube (Stainless Steel, %” ID, Integral to Flume)
Sampler Tube (Stainless Steel, 3/8” ID, Integral to Flume)
Inlet and Outlet End Connection (Integral or Removable)
Pipe Connection (Neoprene Boot or ANSI Pipe Flange Connection)
Special Chemical Resistant Fabrication (pH Range of 1 to 14)
Ultrasonic Transducer Bracket (Fixed at 14” or 24” or Adjustable)
pH Sensor Cavity (Fabricated to fit most sensors)
Wing Walls and Bulk Heads (Custom Fabricated to meet job requirements)
Nesting Options (Standard or Special Designs)
Energy Absorption Racks (Fixed or Removable)
Standard or Special Depths (Including surge boxes)
Enclosed Flumes (For odor control)
Flume Covers (Grating, Fiber Sheeting, Clear Polycarbonate)
Montana Cut Design (Available in all standard sizes)
Special Design (Will meet your special project needs)

Our  commitment to providing high quality fiberglass products begins at the design stage. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with specs, drawings and budgetary pricing for your fiberglass needs. Can’t find what you are looking for – talk to your Can-Am representative – custom work is our specialty


Parshall Installation