Overstock 10″ & 12″ Permanent Palmer Bowlus Flumes

Currently we have a  overstock of 10″ and  12 ” Permanent  Palmer Bowlus Flumes. These the flumes are brand new and  they are being offered at a reduced price. 10″ – $1,500.00,  12″- $1,950.00

The Palmer Bowlus metering flume has been widely used for measuring water and wastewater in open channels or pipelines that are not under any pressure. This flume is normally installed in a “U” shaped channel fed by a pipeline such as storm drains and sewers. This convenient flume requires little redesign or special modification of circular conduits for installation.

Rather than try to make the flow application fit a particular type of flume, we carefully analyze the parameters so we can select an appropriate flume for the application. Options and modifications are available to ensure that the customer’s requirements are fully met, and that additional instruments are easily interfaced with the flumes.

Low Head Loss
Minimum flow restriction
Measurment accuracy
Requires little modification
Easy to install