Above & Below Ground Separators – Cylindrical

Highland Tank Oil/Water Separators are designed for the removal of free-floating oil, grease, and settleable oily coated solids from oil/water mixtures associated with many types of Industry.

These separators can be installed below or above grade to help facilities comply with tough spill and discharge regulations.

Highland Tank has developed the first complete line of Oil/Water Separators constructed to the UL-SU2215 specifications, which are able to release effluent with less than 10 mg/l of free oil concentration.

These high performance units are custom fabricated to meet and exceed the strict construction and performance criteria established by Underwriters’ Laboratories to be labeled UL-2215. Single-wall and double-wall construction with a variety influent and effluent product handling options are available.

  • Can-Am has been providing Separation Technology to a variety of industries for over 40 years
  • We are proud to be the Canadian representatives for Highland Tank
  • We specialize in custom solutions for Hydro Power Generators

All Highland separators are equipped with the patented Corella® coalescers that combine the features of both a flat plate coalescer and a corrugated plate coalescer into a new “self-cleaning” design that performs better than traditional plate separators. Corella® accelerates the separation process and greatly reduces the level of oil and oily coated solids discharged into municipal sewer systems.

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