Hydro-Optic UV System


We have harnessed the power of UV light with our innovative Hydro-Optic™ UV technology. Seriously! Our experts have dedicated their time to expanding the knowledge base of UV treatment industry-related water bore pathogens and developing new and innovative ways in which UV light can be used to ensure water safety.

We hold more than 60 patents, and the HOD UV technology is field proven and third party validated to the highest regulatory standards for EPA, FDA, NVI and PMO with accredited validation for 4-log virus with the target virus, and 5-log microbial inactivation.

Enhanced Hydro-Optic™ (HOD) UV Light
​• Medium pressure high-intensity HOD UV lamps enable fewer UV lamps per system
• Medium pressure UV lamps provide a broad germicidal spectrum of polychromatic UV
light (200-415 nm)
• Lamps are protected by a quartz sleeve 5 times thicker than conventional quartz
​   sleeves
• Significantly reduced lamp-related maintenance
• Quick and easy lamp replacement, does not require emptying of the water lines or
​   depressurization

HOD UV systems feature the unique Total Internal Reflection (TIR) technology that recycles UV light energy, ensures homogenous UV dose distribution and provides superior power (kW) efficiency compared to traditional UV.

Real-Time Lamp Performance Monitoring 
• Dedicated UV sensor for each HOD UV lamp (feature unique to HOD UV technology)
• Continuously monitors HOD UV lamp output
• Ensures delivery of required UV dose at all times

Advanced Control Systems 
• Continuously displays UVT, flow, power and UV dose
• Provides real-time data on operation and efficacy
• Features built-in data logging, up to six months
• Integrates with the control SCADA system
• Easy integration with the control SCADA system
• Customized with user settings for alarm signals

Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring 
• Integrated UV transmittance (UVT) sensor on each HOD UV system
• Continuously monitors UVT%
• Optimizes system performance for actual, not estimated, UVT% levels


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