ISOMATCH 3G is ISOCOLOR’s latest creation to remain a leader in first-to-market color-matching innovation. ISOMATCH3G is the flagship software of a complete suite of design-based high efficiency color computer programs that resolves all industrial color management challenges.

Extremely easy to use and intuitive, high in performance and therefore more cost-efficient 3G software programs help colorists produce an unprecedent number of spot-on color matching solutions in less time. Color formulation results in opaque, transparent and translucent performed by advanced Multi-Flux calculation engines.

ISOMATCH 3G runs on database technologies that allow real-time networking. This versatility is added to numerous functions in the software to enhance color operations productivity.

With application specific features (dynamic match, offset color target, etc…), industry specific configuration and set-up plus universal connection capabilities (to spectrophotometers, dosing machines, databases and gamuts) ISOMATCH 3G and any 3G product by ISOCOLOR is a decisive asset to the performance of your global color management.

ISOMATCH 3G features modules to resolve specific color challenges:

3G Cosmetics: Lipstick, Make up, Nail, Perfume…
3G Inks: Helio, Flexo, Offset, Screen-Printing. Link to Brochure.
Specific: Tobacco business (inks on tipping paper)
3G Paint: Automotive, Decorative, Industrial, Coil-Coating, Powder, Varnish.
Link to Brochure.
3G Plastics: Manufacturer, Compounder, Masterbatcher. Link to Brochure.
Specific: PMM (Plexiglas), Packaging, Recycling…
3G FX: Color matching of gonio-apparent materials (pearls, and metallics)
ISOMATCH 3G Food, Dental ceramic, Building: Grout…
Textile (dyes, fabrics, apparel, home, carpets…), Leather,…
Plus all new CCM projects ISOCOLOR will resolve for your company.