A particularly efficient program is ISOBATCH because it is dedicated to production. ISOBATCH contains all the functions required to control & correct color.

Where ISOMATCH is complete & sophisticated to answer all the needs of the R&D to accomplish color developments and laboratory experiments, ISOBATCH on the contrary is quick & easy therefore perfectly adapted to the needs of the fast pace environment of manufacturing.

ISOBATCH is connected to the database created by ISOMATCH so every job is started by one click to pull up the pigment formula stored in a formula file. If the color has already been produced we just need to enter the quantity desired.

ISOBATCH automatically builds a history of your production which is saved into a lot file. Lot files allow you to retrieve all the data that were displayed on the screen during the production. This lot file management helps you to ensure consistency from lot to lot of the color delivered to your customers.

To start the production, all you need to have is the pigment formula already stored in a formula file. In case the color needs so be adjusted correction results can be displayed in addition or reformulation mode.