MiniScan EZ

If you need to measure colour outside the laboratory, take the MiniScan EZ. Measure samples on the plant production floor, in storage areas, shipping departments or virtually anywhere that is convenient. No more running back and forth between the production line and the lab. The portable MiniScan EZ spectrophotometer gives you the best of two worlds – laboratory performance in a light-weight, handheld, take-anywhere design. Sophisticated dual-beam technology, normally found only in bench-top sensors, ensures accuracy. The durable ergonomic portable, handheld design promotes one-hand, one-touch operation so sample measurements are taken in seconds.


  • Available with 45°/0° or diffuse/8° geometry and large area or small area view
  • Light weight and rubberized handle for operator comfort
  • Easy one handed operation with thumb-tip navigation of functions
  • Large, easy to read LCD graphical display
  • Displays colour data, colour difference data, colour plot, spectral data, spectral data difference, spectral plot, spectral difference plot
  • Includes all commonly used colour scales and indices
  • Averages up to 20 sample readings
  • Stores 100 standards and 800 sample measurements

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* Available for rental