SC4500 Controller

Digital controller for up to two compatible instruments. Technologies are advancing rapidly, providing new levels of convenience, accuracy, and efficiency. Which is exactly why the SC4500 Controller from Hach is designed to integrate easily into your current system while allowing you to upgrade as your capabilities advance, without having to replace inventory. With a wide range of analog and digital connectivity options and the availability of intelligent instrument and data management features, the SC4500 unlocks the future, today.

Easy Adoption
The familiar experience of a modern touchscreen, the ability to use your current Hach sensors, and the same footprint as the SC200, make installation and integration of the SC4500 Controller seamless.

No Time for Downtime
The SC4500’s built-in predictive diagnostic software ensures measurement confidence and reduces the risk of unexpected equipment downtime by enabling proactive maintenance planning via MSM, including step-by-step instructions.

The Connectivity Options You Need
The Controller provides local communication to SCADA or a PLC, as well as remote access through a secure, cloud-based connectivity option to integrate with Claros, the Water Intelligence System from Hach. From analog and advanced digital protocols to Wi-Fi, cellular or LAN, the SC4500 gives you the flexibility to adapt in a rapidly changing world.


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