Remote Monitoring System

The 4500-RMS Remote Monitoring System offers a simple and cost-effective approach to monitoring your field instruments from anywhere in the world via remote access.

The 4500-RMS is well suited for applications where it is inconvenient or impossible to directly connect to your instruments to view or retrieve data or where constant monitoring is required. Typical industries include manufacturing, power, water, wastewater, oil & gas, parking garages.

 The system is equipped with the WebAdvantage reporting system to allow constant monitoring of multiple controllers and data access from your devices. Advance customization and relay logic allow operators to make setting changes to address site conditions without having to access the field devices directly.

The control unit mounts in hard-wire proximity to your instruments and within access to a Wi-Fi signal or an ethernet port with internet access.  Once powered up, the 4500-RMS display will guide you through a quick set-up to connect to the internet.  Then, simply input your Serial Number to the WebAdvantage online portal to complete set-up.

You will have the ability to name your site and the various inputs, set up the scale for the reading history log, have reports and alarms automatically sent out on a determined frequency, such as daily or weekly and have alerts sent immediately as they happen.


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