Agera Spectrophotometer

Simultaneously measure color, quantify gloss, and store the image in one simple measurement—with a spectrophotometer that offers exceptional flexibility, ease of use, and unprecedented value.

Flexible. Full spectrum. All-in-one. Agera Spectrophotometer is the ultimate solution for appearance quality control.

With its 0º/45ºc circumferential geometry, 60-degree gloss meter, UV-controllable LED illumination and 5-megapixel camera, Agera makes positioning samples and measuring color as simple as a snapshot. A single measurement captures and stores the image while it analyzes color, fluorescence, and gloss. Even large samples are no problem with the largest fixed-point contact area of measurement in the industry.

Agera Spectrophotometer completes the picture with an industrial touchscreen, robust quality control software, and state-of-the-art data management—plus sharing options so you can make the most of your investment.

0º/45Cº circumferential geometry
Optical geometry that replicates how the human eye sees color
Circumferential viewing to eliminate sample directionality and deliver superior accuracy and consistency

Full spectrum, balanced LED illumination with UV control
360-700nm illumination
Measure and quantify fluorescent and optically brightened samples
Factory calibrated UV with user option to calibrate to their specific fluorescent standard
Simultaneous UV-included and UV-excluded comparative data viewing and reporting

60-degree built-in gloss meter
Provides both color and 60-degree gloss results in a single measurement
Factory calibrated UV with user option to calibrate to their specific fluorescent standard
International gloss conformance including ASTM D523 and ISO2813 with Certificates of Traceability

Sample viewing and image capture
Includes built-in 5-megapixel camera with 45-degree, full spectrum, balanced illumination
Use the live on-screen image for precise sample placement
Capture and store a true 0-degree field of view sample image as part of the data record
Recalled images display an RGB histogram for image analysis

Smart user interface & data management – no PC required
View measurement results and color graphics on the 7-inch 1280×800 capacitive industrial touchscreen
Easily communicate data where it needs to go via USB, USB on-the-go, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and built in email
Easily navigate the embedded EasyMatch Essentials Quality Control Software which includes most major scales and indices used in industry
Configure your specific workflow to streamline software navigation for your application
Electronic Records option available (for FDA CFR21, Part 11 compliance)

HunterLab Remote Access Support
HunterLab Remote Access Support is a unique network enabled support tool that enables the HunterLab support team to directly interface with your instrument to perform diagnostics, update instrument software and provide live operator training.




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