Petroleum Marketing

Petroleum terminals are industrial facilities used for the storage of oil and petrochemical products until they are transported to end users or discharged into pipelines. These bulk storage facilities can store petroleum products, chemicals, oil, gas, and other liquid. These facilities are sometimes called tank farms, with tanks that can be aboveground or underground. Highland Tank’s products ensure the safe storage of these products, many of which are very flammable.

Products for Petroleum Marketing sites:
– Fireguard® Tanks  are thermally protected, double-wall tanks for safe fuel storage
– UL-142 Tanks Horizontal – Vertical for storage at bulk plants
– Flameshield® option for all UL-142 double-wall, aboveground steel storage tanks
– Dike Tanks are quick and easy to install or relocate
– Overfill Protection Tanks capture and store delivery overfills resulting from mistakes or failures during filling operations
– Skid Tanks offer reliable storage with portability
– Lube Tanks maximize space while providing secondary containment
– HighGuard provides effective corrosion protection on underground tanks
– TITAN® is an extremely tough double-wall tank
– Hotshot features electrical isolation and high-temperature dielectric coating