Oil & Gas

Highland Tank offers a wide variety of custom ASME vessels, storage tanks, and process vessels. The following are just a sampling of the products offered in the industry. We encourage our oil & gas customers to send us details on any storage tank or process vessel project.

Horizontal Tanks up to 70,000 gal/1,666 bbl
Vertical Tanks up to 57,500 gal/1,369 bbl
ASME Pressure Vessels up to 60,000 gal/1428 bbl
Quality Assurance Certifications: ASME BPV VIII-I “U” stamp, National Board “R” stamp, STI-P3, STI-Act-100-U, STI-Fireguard / UL2085, UL 58, UL 142, UL 2215
Other Quality Assurance Codes we build to: API-650, API-620, API-12F, AWWA D100/ D102, NYC

Products for Oil & Gas sites:
– ASME Pressure Vessels for various oil and gas site applications
– Slug Catchers for collecting pipeline slugs
– Propane tanks to power drilling rigs and other equipment
– Bullet Tanks for safe storage of flammable gas
– Wastewater Storage Tank store wastewater generated during operations
– Lube Oil tanks are used where space is at a premium
– Generator Tanks to store fuel for emergency generators
– Surge tanks used to neutralize sudden pressure surges
– Barrel Tanks robust and safe storage for liquids generated and used in natural gas exploration