Hunterlab Industries

For over 60 years, HunterLab has been a global leader in manufacturing spectrophotometer systems for applications that require color measurement for processing, quality control and testing. Color is a key indicator of the quality of a product and is also used to monitor stages during processing for many products. HunterLab’s spectrophotometers are designed to be used for diverse applications – from measuring color consistency and accuracy in paints and coatings, to measuring freshness and quality in food products, to determining when a processing step is complete in chemical manufacturing.

Building Material

From the cement and concrete that make up the walls or flooring of a building, to vinyl siding for the exterior, the window frames and flat glass of the window itself, the carpet and flooring tiles and the grout used to hold them down, and even the roofing materials, leading building material manufacturers around the world choose the quality and reliability of HunterLab color measurement solutions – the worlds most trusted color quality experts. HunterLab delivers products with the uncompromising quality and consistency that materials

Example of  Product areas:

Cement and Concrete Colour Measurement

Glass Colour Measurement

Roofing Colour Measurement


Chemicals are used throughout industry to make a wide variety of consumer goods, and are indispensable in diverse industries such as food, agriculture, manufacturing, construction, life sciences, and many service industries. From polymers to plastics, fertilizers to pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals, many of the world’s leading chemical manufacturers rely on HunterLab solutions to ensure quality and consistency of their product.

Example of Product areas:



Powder Colour Measurement 

Food Colour Measurement

Food is not only an essential ingredient to life and the survival of a human being; it is also used to celebrate, calm and comfort, as much as to satisfy one’s appetite. For food manufacturers and producers around the globe, maintaining consistency of the color of their food products is not only a statement about their product quality, it is a quality statement about their brand. This is why 95 of the world’s top food producers rely on the performance and reliability of HunterLab – the worlds most trusted color quality experts.

Example of Product areas: Baked Goods, Beverages, Cereals, Fruits, Ingredients, Meats, Sauces & Dressings, Snack Foods, Tomato Products

Example pf Product areas:

Baked Goods Colour Measurement



Ingredient Colour Measurement

Meat Colour Measurement

Sauce & Dressing Colour Measurement

Snacks Colour Measurement

Tomato Color Measurement

Paint & Coating

HunterLab provides proven, cost-effective color measurement systems to the paint and coating industry.


Today’s pharmaceutical market is vastly different from the first pills of ancient Egypt, which were small round balls containing medicinal ingredients and mixed with clay or bread. Today’s gel caps boast over 80,000 color combinations, and continuous advancements in technology consistently bring new and colorful coating products to market. Color is the most fundamental part of a drug’s personality with the unique ability to create emotional appeal, communicate functional values and benefits and distinguish one brand from another.

Example of Product areas:  Liquids, Capsules & Pills, Powers & Pressed Plaques


Leaders in paper products around globe choose the quality and reliability of HunterLab – the world’s most trusted color quality experts. From tissues to coated paper, HunterLab delivers the color measurement quality and reliability that paper manufacturers demand and trust.


For over 60 years, HunterLab has served the plastics industry, with 16 of the world’s top 20 companies in polymers and many of the world’s largest manufacturers of ophthalmic lenses trusting the quality and reliability of HunterLab – the world’s most trusted color quality experts.

Example of Product areas: Pellets, Extruded Plastic, Bottles, Performs, Plaques, Ophthalmic Lenses


7 of the world’s top 10 unwoven fabric manufacturers choose the quality and reliability of HunterLab – the world’s most trusted color quality experts. Whether measuring shades of demin or apparel linings and carpeting, HunterLab delivers uncompromising color quality and reliability that textile manufacturers demand and trust.

Texture Colour Measurement