Government & Military & Municipal

Highland Tank can build tanks and vessels to the unique specifications required in a government, military, or municipal project.

Products for Government, Military, and Municipal sites:
– Oil/Water Separators engineered to meet regulations
– Propane Tanks provide fuel for electric generators and heating
– UL-142 Tanks – Horizontal/ Vertical offer safe storage of petroleum products and chemicals
– Overfill Protection Tanks eliminate danger of storage tank overfills
– API-650 Tanks available manufactured to API-650, Appendix J for vertical storage
– Aboveground Shelter Tanks allow for secure storage of hazardous liquids
– Dike Tanks for versatile secondary containment
– HighGuard Tanks provide secure storage in the toughest conditions
– Fireguard® Tanks  are used where a fire-protected tank is needed because of setback limitations or regulatory requirements
– TITAN® Tanks  offers secondary containment and damage resistance
– HotShot Tanks are designed specifically for the safe storage of heavy residual fuel oils (RFOs)