teel is 100% recyclable and has the highest recycling rate of any durable material in the United States. Unlike concrete or plastic storage tanks, even those reinforced with fiberglass, recycled steel storage tanks ultimately keep a valuable commodity out of the nation’s landfills.  In addition, the latest recycling processes drastically reduce industrial emissions by over 70% to air and water, accompanied by a reduction of approximately 30% in the amount of energy required to produce new steel. Highland Tank products will form an integral part of your “green” building.

Rainwater Harvesting systems help a facility achieve LEED status while recycling the water from storms and reusing it. Highland Tank uses a rainwater harvesting system to capture rainwater from the roof and reuse it during tank hydro testing. Stormwater Detention/Retention Tanks help cities like New York City manage stormwater after large storms. Oil/water separators are a key part of SPCC plans to meet EPA regulations.

Products that are environmentally responsible:

– Oil/Water Interceptors for treating wastewater at many industrial sites
– Oil/Sand Interceptors treat water from storm water runoff and spills
– HighDRO® Wastewater Storage Tanks responsible storage for liquid wastes
– Stormwater Detention/Retention Tanks provide additional capacity to an existing sewer system, thereby improving its performance
– HighDRO®-Pure Rainwater Harvesting Systems harvest and reuse rainwater
– Rainwater Collection Tanks provide rainwater storage from various catchment areas
– HighDRO®-Clear Greywater Recycling Systems for biotreatment, adsorption, aeration, and disinfection for greywater reuse
– Decontamination Tanks  designed to store a wide range of contaminated wastewater.