Commercial + Institutional

Buildings used for commercial or retail purposes, such as public housing, office buildings, warehouses, superstores, shopping malls, sports stadiums, and casinos have a need for many steel storage tanks and process vessels. Institutional buildings such as colleges, K-12 schools, prisons, and hospitals also can benefit from installing the right tanks for the right applications. Highland Tank’s products help these buildings function as LEED certified buildings. Our products also provide security for people and communities. Whether it’s a fire protection tank in an apartment building or an oil/water separator in a parking deck, Highland Tank builds reliable products that help keep people, businesses, and the environment protected.

Products for Commercial + Institutional Building applications:

  • Aboveground and Underground storage tanks for heating fuel
  • Pressure Vessels for cold water
  • Elevator Sump Interceptors for excess hydraulic oil
  • Fire Protection Tanks in commercial development
  • Oil/Water Separators for fuel and waste drippings in parking lots
  • Grease Interceptors for cafeterias and restaurants, entertainment,
  • Fuel Storage for back-up generators at mission critical facilities